Converse X Missoni New Collection

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When I found out that Converse was releasing a new capsule collection with Missoni again I died. I didn’t get the chance to get hands any of the first collection, because by the time I got to the store they were all sold out. Obvi it was a hot item right right?  Well for all you procrastinators  Converse is releasing a new capsule collection with Missoni again!

Season after season, the styles in each and every Converse Missoni capsule are so indisputably cute, we reallycan’t say no! Earlier this year we swooned over the pastel colorwheel and metallic zigzag details that graced those iconic Chucks, and this time around the dynamic duo is pulling at our fashion weaknesses yet again. But instead of rolling out more new designs, the brands are looking to recent history- 1994, to be exact- with sneakers splashed with eclectic retro prints. They’ve dug through their archives and given the Pro Leather Mid and the Auckland Racer a past-perfect makeover with deadstock fabric in different designs, textures, and even various zigzags(!). Considering the 20-pair collection includes everything from yarn-inspired fabrics to sleek monochrome touches, there’s literally a shoe for everyone.



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