Kim Kardashian Loves Her Air Yeezy’s

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Kim Kardashian has definitely done a 360 when it comes to her style. She went from Louboutins, Blazers, and fancy dresses to sneakers ,black leather, denim jackets, and pants. Not to say that her style before was bad because she dressed cute, but lets be honest Kanye has for sure had an influence on her.

For the past two days Kim has been spotted wearing all black everything (In my Jay-Z voice) .  Yesterday Kim wore her favorite new shoe  her lover’s Nike Air Yeezy’s 2, black leather jacket ,and pants. The outfit is super cute but it was like 85 degrees in L.A. , so I’m confused on why she wore the jacket? What do you think of Kim’s new look? Do you like it better than her old look?


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