Polo Shirts Are Making A Comeback

I seriously thought the polo shirt craze was going to stay in 2005 but with fashion you never know what old trend is gonna repeat itself! Drake who is known to not give a care what people say about his unique sense of style, he was seen wearing a Lacoste polo shirt during Meek Mill’s recent video for “Amen”. So with all this being said Polo’s are for sure making a comeback. I saw Urban Outfitters with a table full of them as well, here are some styles of Polo’s that are gonna be hot this Summer and Fall.

Polo shirts

Polo top
$34 - topman.com

Polo button down shirt
$64 - accentclothing.com

What do you think of this look? Would you rock it fellas?

One Comment on “Polo Shirts Are Making A Comeback

  1. I always choose polo shirts with very nice designs. There are some polo shirts that are very expensive but i usually dont buy them if i dont have the money to buy it. ;*”‘.

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